NBHC surveys

New Brunswick Student Wellness Survey

  • New Brunswick Student Wellness Survey: This survey is conducted in conjunction with the Department of Social Development and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The aim of the NBSWS is to examine students' perceptions, attitudes and behaviours in a number of key areas related to student well-being.

Care Experience Surveys

What is A care experience SURVEY?

Care experience surveys are used to collect and report information on the quality of health care services from the perspective of those using them. They are meant to primarily capture people's experiences of health services in terms of quality and satisfaction, rather than simply their opinions about health services.


In the absence of concrete, province-wide data, the New Brunswick Health Council began conducting three surveys as part of its mandate to measure, monitor and assess population health and health service quality in the province, and to assess citizen satisfaction with health services and health service quality.

  • Home Care Survey: The aim of the Home Care Survey is to capture and report on care experiences from clients of home care services (Extra-Mural Program and home support services) in the province.
  • Acute Care Survey: The aim of the Acute Care Survey is to capture and report on care experiences from patients who have used hospital acute care services in New Brunswick.
  • Primary Health Survey: The aim of the Primary Health Survey is to capture and report on New Brunswickers' experiences with primary health services.

Care experience survey cycle

  Gathering Reporting 
Year 1 Primary Health Survey Acute Care Survey
Year 2 Home Care Survey Primary Health Survey
Year 3 Acute Care Survey Home Care Survey
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