2017-2018 Recommendation

The NBHC recommends that the Minister of Health oversee the implementation of an accountability framework for primary health services.

This may be accomplished by:

a. Instructing the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to develop, with assistance from the Department of Health, a primary health services accountability framework, as well as to be responsible for the framework’s implementation and ongoing management Effective use of an accountability framework would improve the planning, operation, and performance management of primary health services. The two RHAs are to be assigned the  responsibility to implement it  consistently and in alignment with each other.
b. Establishing targets for key performance measures in alignment with the accountability framework following consultation with the RHAs

RHAs are to publicly report, in a timely fashion, on the fulfillment of those targets. The NBHC proposes the following areas of focus as a starting point:

  • The ability to be seen by one’s primary health care provider within 5 days
  • The coordination of care between primary health care providers and other health providers and places
  • The quality of communication between citizens and their primary health care provider
  • The reduction of avoidable hospitalizations
c. Requiring the RHAs, with assistance from the Department of Health, to make public the distribution of primary health resources by community Additionally, a definition of Full Time Equivalence (FTE) for family physicians, nurse practitioners and other providers is to be agreed upon. This work will enable standardized reporting and support evidence-based planning and decision-making for needs-based resource allocation.


To read the entire text of the 2017-2018 Recommendation document, click here.

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