Staff Members

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Executive Director, Performance Measurement

    Reem is responsible for developing tools and frameworks that support performance reporting as it relates to population health, health services quality, resources and costs. She…

  • Executive Director, Planning and Operations

    Simon oversees planning and operations, including finances, process improvement and the website strategy.

  • Senior Research Analyst

    Michel manages the NBHC's care experience surveys that measure the quality of services received from hospitals, home care programs, and primary health. Michel is also…

  • Executive Administrative Assistant

    As the executive administrative assistant, Mariane provides an administrative support to the CEO and to the NBHC Board members, since the beginnings of the NBHC.

  • Information Analyst

    Karine acquires, analyzes and maintains data on indicators about population health specifically for the community profiles.  She also utilizes geographical information systems…

  • Administrative Assistant

    Monique works at the reception where she provides customer service and assistance to survey respondents. She also supports the data analysis group and is responsible for the…

  • Data Analyst

    Steve primarily manages our health service quality database and collects data from external sources. He also produces backend data files to feed online tools and reports.

  • Research Coordinator

    Monica is responsible for the coordination and reporting of the New Brunswick Student Wellness Surveys.

  • Communications & Digital Content Specialist

    Nay's role is to capture the attention of the public, the media and health system stakeholders using NBHC's data, stats, and key observations. Nay also works to engage New…

  • Research and Policy Analyst

    Patricia analyzes and reports on our data and indicators about population health and health services quality. Her analysis helps inform citizens and policy makers about key…

  • Information Analyst

    Philippe’s work takes place with the perspective of reorganizing and improving the databases managed by the Council. He also participates in quantitative data analysis.