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Our reporting frameworks

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Population Health Model

When measuring, monitoring, and informing on population health, the NBHC uses a model that groups together the determinants of health. Each determinant can be influenced by government programs and policies and in return influences health outcomes.

Dimensions of Quality

When measuring the quality of health services, the NBHC tries to make the most complete measurement possible by using six dimensions: accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency, equity and safety.

Our geographies and sources

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Maps of health zones and communities

To provide a better understanding of local differences, the NBHC presents information at either the health zone level or the community level.

Our data sources

The NBHC reports on health service quality and population using several internal and external sources.

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Survey Questionnaires

To support users in understanding our surveys and results, the questionnaires from every edition of all of our surveys are available here.


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