Hospital Acute Care Survey

The New Brunswick Health Council Hospital Acute Care Survey is conducted every 3 years. Its purpose is to evaluate the quality of hospital care in New Brunswick from the perspective of citizens who have received these services. 

Each cycle, over 6,000 citizens aged 18 and older who received medical, surgical, or maternity care during an overnight stay in a New Brunswick hospital respond to this survey. They answer questions about the accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and overall quality of the care they received. 

The results from the Hospital Acute Care Survey enable the NBHC to inform citizens and health system decision-makers about the quality of care in New Brunswick hospitals. They are used to help us better understand what is being done well and what areas need improvement, as well as to monitor changes in quality of care over time.

For more information about the Hospital Acute Care Survey, see our Frequently Asked Questions.