Anglophone North


Student Wellness Survey

This survey aims to understand and report on several aspects of students’ wellness.

Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on language, gender, race, age and more.
Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on mental fitness, social factors, mental health, and resources.
Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on general health, movement and rest, healthy eating, safety, and sexual violence.
Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs, and safety.
Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on school and community engagement.
Student Wellness Survey
Indicators on demographics, social and emotional development, healthy lifestyles, and school engagement.


Schools included in this school district are:

  • Bathurst High School
  • Blackville School
  • Bonar Law Memorial School
  • Campbellton Middle School
  • Dalhousie Regional High School
  • Dr. Losier Middle School
  • Eleanor W. Graham Middle School
  • Gretna Green School
  • Harcourt School
  • Jacquet River School
  • James M. Hill Memorial High School
  • Janeville Elementary School
  • King Street Elementary School
  • L.E. Reinsborough School
  • Lord Beaverbrook School
  • Max Aitken Academy
  • Millerton Elementary & Junior High School
  • Miramichi Rural School
  • Miramichi Valley High School
  • Napan Elementary School
  • Nelson Rural School
  • North & South Esk Elementary School
  • North & South Esk Regional High School
  • Parkwood Heights Elementary School
  • Rexton Elementary School
  • Sugarloaf Senior High School
  • Superior Middle School
  • Tabusintac Community School
  • Terry Fox Elementary School