Anglophone West


Student Wellness and Education Survey

This survey aims to understand and report on several aspects of students’ wellness and education.

Student Wellness and Education Survey
Key indicators on behaviours and health of students in grades 6-12
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on language, gender, population groups, and more.
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on mental fitness, social factors, mental health, and resources.
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on general health, movement and rest, healthy eating, safety, and sexual violence.
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on smoking, vaping, alcohol, drugs, and safety.
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on school and community engagement.
Student Wellness and Education Survey
Indicators on demographics, social and emotional development, healthy lifestyles, and school engagement.


Schools included in this school district are:

  • Andover Elementary School
  • Assiniboine Avenue Elementary School
  • Barkers Point Elementary School
  • Bath Community School
  • Bliss Carman Middle School
  • Bristol Elementary School
  • Burton Elementary School
  • Cambridge-Narrows Community School
  • Canterbury High School
  • Carleton North High School
  • Central New Brunswick Academy
  • Centreville Community School
  • Chipman Elementary School
  • Chipman Forest Avenue School
  • Connaught Street School
  • Devon Middle School
  • Doaktown Elementary School
  • Donald Fraser Memorial School
  • Florenceville Elementary School
  • Florenceville Middle School
  • Forest Hill Elementary School
  • Fredericton High School
  • Gagetown School
  • Garden Creek School
  • Geary Elementary Community School
  • George Street Middle School
  • Gesner Street Elementary School
  • Gibson-Neill Memorial Elementary School
  • Hanwell Park Academy
  • Harold Peterson Middle School
  • Hartland Community School
  • Harvey Elementary School
  • Harvey High School
  • Hubbard Elementary School
  • John Caldwell School
  • Keswick Ridge School
  • Keswick Valley Memorial School
  • Kingsclear Consolidated School
  • Leo Hayes High School
  • Lincoln Elementary Community School
  • Liverpool Street Elementary School
  • McAdam Avenue School
  • McAdam Elementary School
  • McAdam High School
  • Meduxnekeag Consolidated School
  • Minto Elementary Middle School
  • Minto Memorial High School
  • Montgomery Street Elementary School
  • Nackawic Elementary School
  • Nackawic Middle School
  • Nackawic Senior High School
  • Nashwaak Valley School
  • Nashwaaksis Memorial School
  • Nashwaaksis Middle School
  • New Maryland Elementary School
  • Oromocto High School
  • Park Street Elementary School
  • Perth-Andover Middle School
  • Priestman Street Elementary School
  • Ridgeview Middle School
  • Royal Road Elementary School
  • Saint Mary's Academy
  • Southern Victoria High School
  • Stanley Consolidated School
  • Summerhill Street Elementary School
  • Sunbury West School
  • Tobique Valley High School
  • Townsview School
  • Upper Miramichi Elementary School
  • Woodstock High School