Almost half of Canadians don’t know if they’re at risk for kidney disease

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March 06, 2023

Many Canadians know nothing about kidney disease but are concerned about the pandemic’s impact on access for treatment of kidney patients. The Ipsos survey shows men (52%) are more likely than women (45%) to state they’re unsure if they’re at risk for kidney disease. Canadians aged 55+ (54%) are more likely than those aged 35-54 (47%) or 18-34 (42%) to be unsure of whether they’re at risk. When asked about their perceived risk for kidney disease, only 10% believe they’re at risk, while 40% don’t believe they’re at risk. The remaining 2% of Canadians indicate they have kidney disease. The survey also found that 59% admitted they know nothing about kidney disease, with men (67%) being more likely than women (52%) to say so.
La plupart des Canadiens (48 %) ne savent pas s’ils présentent un risque de maladie rénale - Ipsos

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