Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions offers solutions to address shortage of nurses

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November 21, 2022

To address chronic shortages, ongoing burnout, consistent overtime, poor mental health and poor working conditions the report lays out a strategy with three steps: retain and support, return and integrate and recruit and mentor. Specifically, it suggests:

  1. A legislated minimum nurse-to-patient ratio to cut down on unmanageable workloads, an initiative implemented in Que. considered a leading international practice in reducing nursing workloads in acute care settings;
  2. Incentivizing nurses who left to return to this career and investing in those who were educated internationally but haven’t received their licence in Canada; and
  3. Investing more in recruiting, including increasing the number of nursing faculty to train an increased number of students, forging better partnerships with Indigenous and Black nursing organizations, expanding French-delivered nursing programs and offering more student-loan forgiveness.

Un nouveau rapport propose des mesures pour améliorer les soins aux patients et régler la pénurie de personnel infirmier - FCSII

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