National pharmacare program would save Canadians $4.2B annually: PBO

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The Parliamentary Budget Officer's report estimates setting up a universal program for prescription medications would amount to about $4.2 billion in savings annually in Canada. The report provides estimates of the cost to the federal government for a national pharmacare program based on the list of drugs publicly covered in Quebec. It estimates that of the $28.5 billion spent on prescription drugs in 2015-16, $24.6 billion of that total would have been eligible under a pharmacare program. It also finds that total drug spending under a national pharmacare program would amount to $20.4 billion, if implemented in 2015-16, representing savings of roughly $4.2 billion. The report says the reduced totals would break down this way:

  • Government: $11.9 billion;
  • Private insurance plans: $9 billion; and
  • Patients: $3.6 billion.

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