Study finds success with home monitoring pilot for those with mental health, physical disorders

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March 15, 2023

The purpose of this pilot was to see if smart home monitoring could improve overall lifestyle and wellbeing for those with a mental health disorder and other health challenges. Lawson Health Research Institute worked with a community housing association to retrofit homes, connecting them to a central database to collect data and allowing providers to send reminders to participants, track usage and results. The study found participants began to live healthier lives, as:

  • They logged going for walks and exercising more often, as well as making healthier food choices;
  • Those who used the medication dispensers didn’t miss a single dose; and
  • The touch screen devices allowed participants to communicate with the outside world more frequently, including with care providers and support networks to access more resources.

After the pilot, the team published a how-to guide for using smart home technology interventions as a healthcare tool.

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