Access to Primary Care in New Brunswick: An article by the New Brunswick Health Council

18 June 2024


The New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) publicly released an article regarding access to primary care in New Brunswick leveraging the results from the 2023 edition of its Primary Care Survey as well as other sources.

The article delves into the current state of primary care, providing a comprehensive picture that considers the international, national, and provincial landscapes. It leverages data from the NBHC Primary Care Survey, a yearly population-based survey that gathers insights from New Brunswick residents about their experiences with primary health care services.

"With the increased focus on Primary Care in the province, the NBHC is committed to continuing its annual primary care survey. This data is crucial to informing on the realities of primary care in New Brunswick."- Stéphane Robichaud, Chief Executive Officer.

The NBHC has drawn the following key observations:

  • Canada ranks low in terms of access to primary care compared to peer countries, as highlighted by the 2023 Commonwealth Fund Survey. 
  • Within New Brunswick, the percentage of New Brunswickers who have a permanent primary care provider continues to decline.
  • The percentage of New Brunswickers who were able to see their primary care provider within five days has not improved compared to 2022.

" Access to Primary Care remains an ongoing challenge nationally and provincially. Finding the appropriate strategies in terms of  accessibility, continuity, and coordination of services is crucial to ensuring better health outcomes " adds Robichaud.

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