Cannabis and youth: by the numbers

2 November 2018

New Brunswickers have differing opinions about the pros and cons of cannabis legalization, but all of our opinions should be based on facts. Currently, here is what we know about usage of cannabis by youth in New Brunswick.


Youth who have tried cannabis

About 1 in 5 youth (grades 6 to 12) have tried cannabis in the past 12 months

  • 19%: Overall proportion for N.B.
  • 14%: Proportion within Francophone districts
  • 21%: Proportion within Anglophone districts
  • 33%: The proportion in Perth-Andover, the highest in the province
  • 13%: The proportion in Dieppe, the lower in the province

Trend over time

The percentage of youth who are trying cannabis is decreasing

  • From 33% to 19%: Youth who have tried cannabis in the past 12 months, from 2009-2010 to 2015-2016


Risk of accidental overdose


There is a greater potential for accidental overdoses with edible cannabis products because of the delay in experiencing results. Users may overconsume in an attempt to speed up the process and accidentally overdose.

  • A few minutes: The time it takes to feel cannabis effects when smoked
  • A few hours: The time it takes to feel cannabis effects when consumed in edibles

To learn about additional cannabis risks for youth, as well as additional information  on cannabis use by geography, download our infographic.


infographic cannabis.png


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