NBHC editorial principles regarding social media (for external users)

In order for the New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) to engage in social media communication, we ask the public and staff to adhere to the Editorial Principles set out below.

  • Comments that are respectful and relevant to ongoing conversations on our Facebook site and our Twitter sites are welcome.
  • NBHC reserves the right to remove the following: photos, video or audio recordings or text with confidential information, offensive comments, or comments violating New Brunswick or Canadian laws and regulations.
  • NBHC cannot deal with any specific matter involving staff or citizens, nor disclose confidential information about such matters via social media.
  • NBHC is not responsible for the content of sites accessed via hyperlinks published in our messages and in the comments posted on our social media sites.
  • NBHC's official  Social Media sites and accounts will post in both official languages.
  • NBHC’s social media sites and accounts should not be considered as the official source for NBHC policies and guidelines. Please consult www.nbhc.ca for official updates.
  • The social media sites and accounts of NBHC and its CEO are not monitored around the clock. NBHC will make every effort to answer any questions within 48 hours. 
  • If you are a journalist, please send your questions to the Director of Communications at info@nbhc.ca. 
  • NBHC reserves the right to modify these terms of use when deemed appropriate.