NBHC media guidelines

The New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) recognizes the importance of effective media relations to support the communication of its activities as well as build public confidence and trust. This is achieved through the provision of consistent, accurate and timely information related to NBHC, its activities and publications while respecting privacy, confidentiality, media and public rights.

NBHC’s media relations guiding principles are to:

  • provide timely responses to media inquiries
  • provide factual information in an honest and forthright manner while ensuring citizen and confidentiality are protected as required by law and NBHC policies
  • seek proactive and positive media attention when opportunities arise

Interviews, photographs and videotaping:

All media inquiries and requests for interviews photographs or video about NBHC’s members, staff, activities or publications must be made through NBHC Communications.

Personal information about specific NBHC members or staff:

In accordance with provincial privacy and right to information acts and policies, details regarding personal information about an individual Council member or staff person can be released to the media only with the consent of the individual member or staff.

Media materials
NBHC's Communications Department distributes all NBHC-related information to the media including press releases, public service announcements, media advisories and invitations. If you would like to receive media releases, please send an e-mail to info@nbhc.ca to be added to our distribution list.

Proper name
We ask that you please refer to our organization by its proper name – New Brunswick Health Council or NBHC in any subsequent mentions in the same story/news cast.