Primary Health & Primary Care Surveys


About Primary Health 

Primary care is, generally, a citizens’ first point of entry with the health care system. Primary care is usually delivered by a physician or nurse practitioner and includes services like check-ups, medical appointments, walk-in clinics, mental health services, virtual care, and more. 

The New Brunswick Health Council (NBHC) conducts two surveys related to primary health: the Primary Care Survey and the Primary Health Survey. 

About the Primary Care Survey 

The Primary Care Survey aims to better understand citizens’ experiences with primary health care services in New Brunswick. The Survey asks citizens about their access to primary care providers like family doctors and nurse practitioners, their usage of other primary care settings like after-hours clinics and Tele-Care, and their levels of satisfaction with the services they received. The Survey also asks questions about virtual care consultations, mental health & addictions services, and chronic disease management. 

The Primary Care Survey will be conducted for the first time from October 2022 to January 2023. Results from the Survey will be available in the Spring of 2023. For more information about the Primary Care Survey, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

About the Primary Health Survey 

The NBHC's Primary Health Survey is the most comprehensive health services survey of New Brunswick's history. Its aim is to understand and report on New Brunswickers' self-rated health, and their experiences with the primary health services in their communities. 

In this Survey, New Brunswickers are asked about their self-rated physical and mental health, as well as their experiences with personal family doctors, emergency departments, specialists, after hours clinics, community health centres, nurse practitioners, and ambulance services. 

The Primary Health Survey has been conducted every three years since 2011. Each time, over 13,500 citizens in New Brunswick complete the Survey. The next Primary Health Survey is scheduled for 2024.

For more information on the last edition of the Primary Health Survey, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.