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  • This document presents key results from the 2017 edition of the Primary Health Survey.

  • This document presents results, from the 2017 edition of the Primary Health Survey, that speak to the needs and challenges of New Brunswickers in accessing health services.

  • An overview of results from the New Brunswick Student Wellness Survey for grade 4 and 5 students.

  • An overview of tobacco smoking habits and risks for lung cancer, at the province level and community level.

  • The New Brunswick Elementary Student Wellness Survey is a provincial initiative of the Department of Social Development – Wellness Branch, in co-operation with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Data collection and analysis is conducted by the New Brunswick Health Council. The purpose of the survey is to examine the health and wellness attitudes and behaviours of students and to share data to promote action around wellness.

  • My Community at a Glance is a set of 33 community profiles that present demographics, health determinants and population health outcomes to stimulate interest in building healthier communities. The information in each profile gives a comprehensive view about the people who live, learn, work, and take part in community life in this area.

  • This document presents the results for 16 (of 56) indicators from the 2016 edition of the New Brunswick Hospital Patient Care Experience Survey. The results are presented at the provincial, hospital and regional health authority levels. The document focuses on the indicators that measure overall satisfaction, cleanliness and preferred language of service.

  • An infographic on the journey and experience of hospital patients in N.B. based on the 2016 edition of the Acute Care Survey, including with the admission process, the stay itself, the communication with staff, the language of service and discharge.