n/a = Not applicable / not available
S = Data suppressed due to confidentiality requirements and/or small sample size

About this Table

Demographic Context describe the people living in a community. 
Content and description

Demographic information, such as population count, household structures, language preferences, as well as disability information and sexual minority details. 

Why is this important?

Knowing who is part of the community is the first part to understanding the community dynamics. 
Availability of the data

Indicators from a variety of sources are collected, organized, and analyzed by the NBHC. These various data sources are used to represent the population health of New Brunswickers. Each have various levels of reliability and limitations as detailed in the Indicator pages.

This information is available for the 33 NBHC Communities, 7 Health Zones and for New Brunswick overall.  


The Population Health data tables provide a comprehensive view of the people who live, learn, work and take part in activities and in community life in this area.