n/a = Not applicable / not available
S = Data suppressed due to confidentiality requirements and/or small sample size

About this Table

Content and description

Data on self-reported information regarding New Brunswickers’ demographic context, determinants of health and health status. Topics include: age, sex, gender, immigration status, education and health literacy, economic and social factors, as well as self-reported health status, prevention efforts, health behaviours and use of medication.


Why it is important

By better understanding the determinants of health and the health of New Brunswickers, we can better assess the needs of the population, better plan for health services and allocate resources accordingly.


Availability of the data

The information for this data table is available at different geographical levels as well as by demographic groups. More information is available on our Primary Health Survey page.

Note about 2020 data

The 2020 edition of the Primary Health Survey (PHS) was conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic did not influence the survey’s response rate, the NBHC had to assess the impact of surveying during the pandemic. Accordingly, advanced statistical analyses were performed to allow for comparison between the results obtained in 2020 and those obtained in previous PHS cycles. Some indicators had to be suppressed in the 2020 edition as part of this process. Despite these analyses, users are advised to use the 2020 data with caution, especially when creating estimates for small sub-populations or when comparing it to other PHS editions.