n/a = Not applicable / not available
S = Data suppressed due to confidentiality requirements and/or small sample size

About this Table

Content and description
Data on self-reported information regarding the use and experience with services of New Brunswickers who have a primary care provider (either a family doctor or a nurse practitioner). Topics include having a primary care provider, use of primary health care services and experience with the services received. Information is available about timely access to a provider and use of other services because the provider is not available

Why it is important
The results from the Primary Care Survey allows the NBHC to inform citizens and health system stakeholders about the quality of primary health care services from citizens’ perspectives. This information can be used to make future improvements to primary health care in the province.

Availability of the data
The information for this data table is available at different geographical levels as well as by demographic groups. More information is available on our Primary Care Survey  page.