n/a = Not applicable / not available
S = Data suppressed due to confidentiality requirements and/or small sample size

About this Table

Health Services are designed to prevent and treat diseases which impact population health.

Access to care or services at the right place, the right time and based on the respective needs is a key aspect of quality of service that influences the health of individuals.

Content and description

Information on access to services, such as the types of services used most often, the reason for using the services, unmet needs and barriers to these services as well as some wait time information. Experiences with the Health Services include screening and prevention use, communication with service providers, coordination of services and evaluation of services received are also available here.

Why is this important?

Understanding how these health services are delivered in New Brunswick communities can help us understand the variability in health service access and quality. 

Availability of the data

Indicators from a variety of sources are collected, organized, and analyzed by the NBHC. These data sources are used to represent the population health of New Brunswickers. Each have various levels of reliability and limitations as detailed in the Indicator pages. 

The information for this data table is available for the 33 NBHC Communities, 7 Health Zones and for New Brunswick overall. 


The Population Health data table series provides comprehensive view about the people who live, learn, work, take part in activities and in community life in this area.